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Publications related to the Qombs Project

List of the publications related to the Qombs project - links to the journal version of the paper and to the public repository

  • Retrieval of phase relation and emission profile of quantum cascade laser frequency combs

  • Observation of quantum droplets in a heteronuclear bosonic mixture

  • Mixing properties of room temperature patch‐antenna receivers in a mid‐infrared (λ = 9 µm) heterodyne system

  • Dual-species Bose-Einstein condensate of 41K and 87Rb in a hybrid trap

  • Optoelectronic device simulations based on macroscopic Maxwell–Bloch equations

  • Bayesian optimization of terahertz quantum cascade lasers

  • Phase analysis and full phase control of chip-scale infrared frequency combs

  • A dual-species Bose-Einstein condensate with attractive interspecies interactions

  • Optical frequency combs in quadratically nonlinear resonators

  • Monte Carlo modeling of terahertz quantum cascade detectors

  • Quantum cascade laser based hybrid dual comb spectrometer

  • Ensemble Monte Carlo modeling of quantum cascade detectors (open access)

  • Bayesian optimization of quantum cascade detectors (open access)

  • Group velocity dispersion in terahertz frequency combs within a generalized Maxwell-Bloch framework (open access)

  • Intensity correlations in quantum cascade laser harmonic frequency combs

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